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Oke Afa Isolo, Lagos

Prayer Request

In love of Christ Baptist Church, we believe every and any solution can come via talking it over with God in prayers. We have always had results in the place of prayer. We therefore encourage you not to hesitate in cheering your prayer request with us most especially with the pastor if it is so meant to be confidential. Otherwise, your prayer request should be forwarded to our prayer champions; as they meet once every week.


1. Pray that the Lord should endow us with power from on high/Gbadura pe ki Oluwa gbe agbara Re wo wa lati oke wa.
2. Pray that the Lord should teach us to do His will/Gbadura ki Oluwa ko wa lati se ife Re.
3. Pray that the Church’s building will not suffer setback/Gbadura pe ise ile –Olorun ko ni ri ifa seyin.

Please Fill the below prayer request form or email us via prayer@loveofchristbaptistchurch.org and title it prayer request.