Love of Christ Baptist ChurchLove of Christ Baptist ChurchLove of Christ Baptist Church
Oke Afa Isolo, Lagos
Rev. Dr. Moses Olaleru

You have logged in to the site of Love Of Christ Baptist Church, a church under the umbrella body called the Nigeria Baptist Convention. Love of Christ is a church that God has a covenant of solution with. It is a church God has been using to raise people from nothing to something. It is a church of people who love God and everything that is God’s. Love of Christ is a Church of 70% youth (Ages between 18 and 45 years) while the Children and the older ones constitute the remaining 30%.

This site promises to give you information and teaching details of the Church. It will obviously tell you how you can get us or reach the church pastor for a chat if you so desire.

Love Of Christ Baptist Church is raised by God to give Solution to the dying world in a number of ways. Consequently, our programmes are always targeted in this direction. For instance, we have an Annual programme tagged “Prayer Summit. “It is meant to prepare and lead members and friends of the church into another covenanted year. For this reason it a programme that features in the last-lap of the year (December 25th – 31st).In giving solution to the dying world, we also have a Family Anchor Programme, to profound solution to families. This is needed because the solution of the world at large begins from the Home.

The healing Balm is another solution programme targeted in bringing healing solution in several ways to members and friends of the church. It is usually focused towards physical, financial, emotional and spiritual healing of a Total Man.

Periodically, a solution week comes up, when members are encouraged not to be on the receiving end but on the giving end. With some of this programmes solution had always been given and received. I therefore welcome you to the site of solution. Browse on and be blessed.

Vision Statement

Building A Glorious Church – Eph. 5:27

Mission Statement

A call to the ministry of reconciliation – Imparting Lives Through The Gospel – 2 Cor 5:19