1. Prayer Summit


2. The Begining - Yearly


4. New Wine Conference


5. Early Morning with Christ





1. Discipleship Training
Christian discipleship is about exposing our hearts, minds and wills to the glory of Christ so that we may be transformed to His image and thus be equipped, desirous and able to serve our Lord and others in leadership and “followership”. Discipleship training materials are:
Follow the Master
Serve the Master
Master Life
The Mind of Christ
Experiencing God
In God’s Presence

For Creative and transformative ideas Call the


2. Sunday School
This is based on the grading of the Sunday school into different age groups such as follows:

Preschool Division Birth - 2years - 3-5years
Children’s Division 6-8years - 9-10 years
Youth Division 12-14years - 15-17 years
Adult Division 18-24 years
Young Adult 25-29 years
Intermediate Adults 30-59 years
Senior Adults 60 years and above


3. Bible Study

"Study to show yourself approved; a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth". The essence of bible study can not be overemphasized. It is used to study, instruct, inform and illuminate members about word of God. It also create an avenue to answer many quetions in the scripture. Email: biblestudy@loveofchristbaptistchurch.org